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Michelle Grey

“I am so impressed with the way the course is organised. My colleagues have said time and time again how much better this programme is than theirs – it gives a more hands-on approach.”  M. Grey, UK

Health and Fitness

Staying fit and healthy is more than just going to a gym. From what you eat, how you exercise and how you think, choose from our range of health and fitness courses to cultivate a different healthier you.


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Improve, update or learn knowledge quickly!

Learn more about a hobby and turn this knowledge into money by setting up your own business. Choose online courses and ebooks to help you diversify your skills.



If you are busy or you just want to ‘dip your toes’ in a specific subject, our 20-hour courses are the way to go.

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Aerobic Fitness

The Aerobic Fitness ebook is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their health and learn about the human body, or even for people who want to educate others on aerobic fitness. Great for personal trainers, fitness instructors or anyone in the health and fitness industry.


Trees and Shrubs

This ebook can help you identify and understand more about the different trees and shrubs that you can plant in your garden. It provides information to begin developing a professional level of plant knowledge including ideal growing conditions, uses, propagation and appearance.


Better Photos

Photography is a creative activity – by many it is considered an art. To produce great photographs, a photographer needs an artistic eye; an ability to see things differently to others, to see artistic potential in common things. All great photos, irrelevant of the subject, will have artistic merit.


English Grammar

The English Grammar ebook will help you improve your grammar skills, which will positively affect your writing and communication skills. Grammar helps us to enhance our communication skills. It provides a coherent structure for the expression of thoughts and ideas.


“I am delighted to report that I passed the exam and received a “Pass with Commendation”. I appreciate very much the detail that you went into, in the correction of my assignments and I found your advice and extra subject information invaluable in advancing my interest and knowledge in horticulture. Go raibh mile maith agat! (a thousand thanks!)

Colin, RHS Cert II, Ireland, Your Content Goes Here

“Yes – The course, the tuition, and the whole experience exceeded my expectations. I found I was very comfortable being re-educated after 20 years+ of being in the business world.”

Dave Gillies- Morgan, Psychology, China

“Sir, I would like to take this time to thank you and all my tutors for all the help, encouragement and support given to me, while I was studying the Pre-Medical programme.”

Sivagenesh Pearaman, Pre-Medical Diploma, Singapore, Your Content Goes Here

“Since the day I started this course, I feel more confident and optimistic for the projects I want to do. If I started all over again, I would definitely choose the same course and the same academy.”

Alexandra Logotheti, Hotel Management, Greece, Your Content Goes Here

“The course is perfect for me for many reasons: the professionalism of the staff, the knowledge of the staff, the superb communication.”

Tony Walton, Garden Maintenance, Spain, Your Content Goes Here

I am very enthusiastic about this course, and it feels really nice to be welcomed and feel supported from the very begining. ”

Elsa Ferreira, Event Management, Netherlands, Your Content Goes Here

“I just wanted to let you know that I was very excited to see all my course material arrive in the post today. I am truly impressed by how quickly and efficiently my application was dealt with! I am really pleased to be embarking on something that will enhance my CV and hopefully my job prospects! ”

Emma Cooper, Bookkeeping, UK

“Just a quick email to let you know I passed my Level II Bookkeeping exam with a result of 100%. Very pleased and now covered in certificates. Many thanks again to you, the college and tutors for your help during my course. It was very much appreciated.”

Helen, Bookkeeping, UK

Just to let you know the course material was indeed waiting for me when I came in tonight – hooray, hooray- and it looks really excellent!! Thank you so much for all your help and for such speedy processing of my application so that I can get started on hols. I greatly appreciated that you took time out of your day to talk to me at length about course possibilities – and the care you take to make sure people choose the right option”

Lynne, Garden Centre Management, UK, Your Content Goes Here

“Now that I have completed this course, I wish to express my sincere gratitude to you for all your help, advice and constructive comment over the past months. I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the course even though it did take a little longer than I anticipated. I appreciate very much the detail that you went into, in the correction of my assignments and I found your advice and extra subject information invaluable in advancing my interest and knowledge in horticulture.”

Lynne, Garden Centre Management, UK, Your Content Goes Here

Thank you both very much for your help and support, I am over the moon with my grade and it makes it all the more worthwhile.I am really enjoying the course, even although it can eat a lot of free time with research into each topic, but I have a very understanding husband! Dr Zainab – I truly enjoy your comments and tips and will be sure to follow up on them.”

Sandra, Life Coaching, Saudia Arabia, Your Content Goes Here

I thought the course was outstanding, the lesson packages were informative and the assignments were were an excellent method to encourage further research.  I have recommended this course to other colleges.

Jeff, Food & Beverage Management, UK, Your Content Goes Here

“Thank you for your confirmation and speed of response. I am thrilled to have the chance to better my education and can’t wait to pick the next relevant course. My mind is set on a diploma equivalent now”.

Donald Shockley, USA, Your Content Goes Here

“Thank you for your email and attachments – this has been  such a smooth registration process.  I’m very impressed”.

Andrea, Psychology, UK, Your Content Goes Here

The course content and quality of feedback were excellent. I hope to sign up for another one shortly.”

Eileen Hobbs, Psychology, UK, Your Content Goes Here

“Thank you for all your encouragement, so far I have been impressed with the academy and I am so pleased I took the plunge to register.”

Alison, Ornithology, UK, Your Content Goes Here

“Firstly, thank you for all the information regarding the exams, as helpful as ever!
Secondly, I am again very chuffed with my marks for the latest assignment. I can’t thank you and the tutor enough for your encouraging words –  and again for being so prompt.”

Emilie, Bookkeeping, UK, Your Content Goes Here
Your Content Goes Here
Your Content Goes Here, Your Content Goes Here

“The pre-medical program has made my dream come true. I am now on my way to becoming a doctor.”

Leonora Leeds, Pre-Medical Diploma, Your Content Goes Here