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Great chicken coops | Backyard poultry

The housing market for backyard poultry is thriving, with chicken coops ranging dramatically in price. You can pay thousands of dollars for a bespoke design.   The one above, by Neiman Marcus, is of a Versailles Palace-inspired design. It costs $100,000!  You don’t have to spend that much though – many people build their own in a weekend for next to nothing.  It seems that whatever the price, there are people who love to make theirs a special one.  Here are a handful:

The converted car

converted car - great chicken coops

The website backyardchickens.com has some fantastic examples of creative coop keepers.  An  example is an  old broken down car, which became the unlikely home for a bunch of chickens “Maurice” was made by Michael Thompson of Norfolk UK, from one half of a 1970 Morris Traveller.

The portable triangular coop – Great chicken coops

Movable / portable chicken coops are easier to build and maintain than fixed ones.  You might having one if you have six chickens or less.  Drew Waters of Handcrafted Coops designed this.  He worked in theatre and stage design and learnt the essentials of construction, and then went into furniture design.  His goal is now to see a chicken coop in every backyard.

triangular portable - great chicken coops

The Eglu

The predator-resistant Eglu was the first product that the Omlet company created.  The Eglu is the only chicken coop featured in the Victoria and Albert Museum.  It’s widely available in four different versions.   This one is suitable for 2-4 chickens.  A removable slide out slat makes it easy to clean. It comes with a front door and roosting bars for the chickens to perch on during the night time.

eglu - great chicken coops

Redwood Tudor – Great chicken coops

Redwood, like cedar and hardwood is rot resistant and therefore a good choice of wood to use when building a coop. This is a one off.  Dee Grubbs of Salem managed to make use of some redwood he had sitting around.  He wanted to make a portable coop and built it in several parts.

.Redwood Tudor - great chicken coops

The converted Shed

Old sheds make good coops. Once a crummy old shed,  now chicken palace (Le Palais des Poulets) is in the amazing garden of Kathy and Ed Fries, somewhere near Lake Washington.

renovated shed - great chicken coops

If you have an old shed you are thinking of converting to a coop, here are some things you will need:

  • Roosting bar
  • Windows
  • Nest boxes

Collaboration, critical thinking and communication are all used in Design Academy’s Autocad chicken coop design project, aimed at making sustainable designs.   Watch the video below

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