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Join a Billion-Dollar Industry

Are you striving for unparalleled prosperity, in the hope of great financial rewards? Maybe it’s time to consider the exciting industry of Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management.

In a global market that generates over $500 billion per year, its economic significance is beyond compare. Not only is this a leading industry, but it’s also the fastest expanding.

Why? The international population is constantly growing and the majority of people are completely dependent on travel. Even in the most desolate corners of the world, amongst the most savage conditions, inhabitants turn whatever assets they possess into tourism opportunities. So you can pursue this career with a degree of comfort, knowing that across the world this sector will continue to flourish with some of the most financially rewarding opportunities.

While being prepared for a successful career, you will learn and develop the crucial foundation skills needed to progress. Not only will you achieve a broad understanding in economics and accounting, but you will also obtain a comprehensive knowledge in how businesses are organised and managed.

Our courses could potentially be your gateway to many fruitful career opportunities at management level, in areas such as leisure and tourism, hotels, catering, airlines and governmental departments that handle tourism boards etc. Each field can be divided into various corporations. A multitude of organisations exist within the leisure industry alone, for example, ski resorts, cruise liners, safari parks, sports centres and many more.

The sky is the limit!


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