Aged Care and Counselling (BPS212)



Learn to Work with the Elderly

Since the mid-20th Century the population graph has shifted, and the numbers of elderly people in our communities has increased throughout the developed world. Governments have responded with an increase in facilities and services, and as a result Aged Care is becoming a ‘boom’ industry.

Weather you are involved with older people formally or informally, as an employee, volunteer or family carer, this course will provide you with the knowledge you need to care more effectively for their needs. Learn about the challenges of aging, strategies to enhance quality of life in the aged,  and explore the ethical and legal issues that surround this life stage.


What this Course Covers

Eight lessons:
1. Understanding Ageing
2. Lifestyle Changes
3. Support Services
4. Enablement Techniques
5. Grief and Loss Counselling
6. Debilitating and Terminal Illness
7. Losing a Loved One
8. Ethics and Intervention


Extra Reading

The following books, available through this web site are relevant supplementary reading for this course

  • The Psychology of Health
  • Family and Relationships Counselling
  • Helping People Cope with Grief or Crisis



This course is assessed in essentially three ways.

Self-Assessment Test (SAT) are a self-administered online test presented during each lesson.  These tests are marked in real time and give instant feedback.  SATs are designed to give you an idea of your strengths and any areas requiring extra work.

Assignments are given at the end of each lesson.  These focus on the content covered in the lesson and consolidate the aim of the lesson.

An Exam is optional.  If you nominate to sit an exam, on successful completion, you will receive a formal transcript as proof of your results.  There is an additional fee.

How Long Will This Course Take Me?

This course is flexible, allowing you to study at times that suit you.  It is designed so that most students will take about 100 hours to complete it.  What that looks like, is totally up to you.

Recognition and Ethics

This college is a member of the ACS Affiliates Network.  These are Colleges that are located in offices around the world and are affiliated with each other through ACS Distance Education.  Courses are developed with input from all the staff at these colleges, reflect internationally accepted standards and needs.

A strict “No Plagiarism” policy exists. Assignments are checked for plagiarism, and if plagiarism is detected, work will not be deemed to have been completed and will be penalised.

How This Course Could Help You

This course is of particular value to anyone who works with the elderly – whether in psychology & counselling generally, in an aged care facility, in palliative care, or even through funeral services. It is also applicable to related fields like sociology and may be of benefit to anyone wanting to enhance their understanding to help friends or family living with health problems related to aging.

Study this course either in isolation or as part of a certificate or higher qualification to enhance your current skills or as a foundation towards further study.



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