Workshop I (BGN103)



Enhance Your Ability to Adapt To Work in Varied Situations

This course helps you to understand your chosen industry sector and its opportunities by undertaking a specific project.  You will learn to  improve awareness and workplace safety, adapt to different situations and use different tools and equipment.

What this Course Covers

There are 3 lessons, each involving a problem based learning (PBL) project, as follows:

1. Workplace Tools, Equipment and Materials
This covers; identifying and describing the operation of tools and equipment used in the workplace; routine maintenance of tools and equipment; and identifying and comparing materials used in the workplace; using different materials to perform workplace tasks.

2. Workplace Skills
This covers: determining key practical skills in the workplace; identifying and comparing commonly-performed workplace tasks; determining acceptable standards for workplace tasks; implementing techniques for improving workplace efficiency.

3. Workplace Safety
This covers: identifying health and safety risks in the workplace; complying with industry  WH&S standards; developing safety guidelines for handling dangerous items.

Extra Reading

The following books, available through this web site are relevant supplementary reading for this course

  • Technical Writing
  • Learning Skills



This course utilises three PBL tasks.  This is a learning method based on using problems as a starting point for acquisition and integration of new knowledge.


How Long Will You Take?

This course is flexible, allowing you to study at times that suit you.  It is designed so that most students will take about 100 hours to complete it.  What that looks like, is totally up to you.


Recognition and Ethics

We are an affiliate with ACS Distance Education.  ACS is a group of colleges with offices  located around the world.  All courses are written by professionals and authorities in their fields.

All student work is checked for plagiarism.  There are penalties for any form of plagiarism.



What Could This Course Do For You?

This course allows the student to gain insight into a chosen industry by utilising problem based learning.


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