Workshop II (BGN203)



Workplace Project

This course helps give you workplace knowledge that would be expected when you find work in a particular field.  It follows on from Workshop I and offers further workplace insights.


What is Covered

There are 3 lessons in this module as follows:

  1. Identifying Technical Problems and Collecting Samples or Data: Investigating technical problems in the workplace, collecting and treating samples, data or other evidence.
  2. Analytical Procedures: Using specialised technical equipment to analyse samples, data or other evidence, undertaking routine and advanced scientific or technical analyses.
  3. Workplace Operations: Describing the operations and equipment of a laboratory or other technical environment.

Extra Reading
The following books, available through this web site are relevant supplementary reading for this course

  • Project Management
  • Technical Writing
  • Management
  • Working with People
  • Professional Practice for Consultants



This course is assessed in three ways.

Self-Assessment Test (SAT) are a self-administered online test presented during each lesson.  These tests are marked in real time and give instant feedback.  SATs are designed to give you an idea of your strengths and any areas requiring extra work.

Assignments are given at the end of each lesson.  These focus on the content covered in the lesson and consolidate the aim of the lesson.

An Exam is optional.  If you nominate to sit an exam, on successful completion, you will receive a formal transcript as proof of your results.  There is an additional fee.

How Long Will You Take?

This course is flexible, allowing you to study at times that suit you.  It is designed so that most students will take about 100 hours to complete it.  What that looks like, is totally up to you.


Recognition and Ethics

We are an affiliate with ACS Distance Education.  ACS is a group of colleges with offices  located around the world.  All courses are written by professionals and authorities in their fields.

All student work is checked for plagiarism.  There are penalties for any form of plagiarism.


What Could This Course Do For You?

Give you the knowledge and insights needed to work in an industry of your choice.


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